The Importance of Industrial Accident Liability Claims

Heavy machinery on the job is a major health and safety hazard, and companies that use this type of equipment are responsible for maintaining a safe workplace that follows rigorous safety standards. If you were involved in this type of accident at work and feel that safety standards were not adequately met, then you likely have a strong case for a personal injury lawsuit that can get you the money or other compensation you are entitled to.

One major cause of injury in the workplace is a lack of proper safety guards on heavy machinery. In addition to the most widely-known safety standard, such as lock-out tag-out functions on equipment that can cause personal harm, companies are responsible for meeting other safety standards as well. Many times when an injury occurs, companies or entities will try to shift the blame onto the worker in an attempt to avoid liability for themselves, and the best way to make sure this doesn’t happen to you is to retain the services of law professionals who have experience dealing with this type of case.

Breach of Responsibility

If you were acting according to workplace guidelines and regulations and still sustained an injury or personal harm, then you have a strong case to consider a personal injury lawsuit. Some of the ways a company can fail to uphold safety standards are:

  • Failure to ensure machinery is securely in place and unable to shift or move around during operation.
  • Lack of proper personal protective equipment (PPE) or other safety material, such as gloves or eye protection.
  • Missing safety guards around pieces of machinery that spin, turn, or rotate, causing injury to those involved in operating it.
  • Missing machine or safety guards that prevent sparks, shrapnel, or sharp objects from reaching those nearby.


According to estimates by OSHA, around 100 people die every week from workplace accidents in the United States, with many more suffering serious injuries that can leave them debilitated and unable to perform basic functions of everyday life. If you fall into this category, it’s critical to quickly contact lawyers or attorneys who can make sure you are paid out what you owe and the company is held accountable for its failure to meet standards and duties of safety in the workplace.

Relying on your workplace to treat you fairly and hold themselves accountable is a risky strategy, as often companies will attempt to shift blame or liability to the worker to save money and not appear responsible for these failures. Contacting an experienced and successful legal team as soon as possible is the only way to ensure that you can rest assured your case will be handled fairly and equitably.

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