Consequences of Getting a DUI in Knoxville

Despite the government’s efforts to warn people about drinking and driving by putting up hoardings and road signs, DUI is still as relevant as it can get. Many people, especially teenagers, do not think this will cause consequences in their life but they do. 

There are several major and minor consequences of driving under the influence in Knoxville. It is a criminal offense and stays on your record all your life. It is suggested that if charged with DUI, hire a lawyer with good expertise in DUI cases. 

Short term consequences:

  • Temporary suspension of your driver’s license
  • Fines
  • Court-mandated community service
  • Temporary jail time 
  • High-insurance premiums 
  • Participation in drunk driving education programs

Long term consequences:

  • Long-term driver’s license suspension.

For the first offense, your license gets suspended for only six months. However, if you’re caught for the second or third time, you can kiss your driver’s license goodbye for one and two years, respectively. Moreover, if your third offense is within five years of your second offense, your license gets suspended for four whole years. 

And finally, if it’s your fourth offense, your license gets permanently canceled. 

  • Your job may be affected.

Your current job may get affected because of attending several court dates, serving jail time, doing community service, and not reaching your work on time because of not driving your vehicle. Other than that, getting a DUI can hinder your reputation at your workplace and may cause your employer to fire you. 

People who are seeking jobs are at a significant disadvantage. Many people don’t prefer hiring someone with a criminal record, even if it’s a DUI. Moreover, other people who will apply for the same position will have better chances of getting the job than you. 

Additionally, if your job includes driving a vehicle, for example, food delivery, sales, cab driving, you can no longer continue with the job. 

  • Background checks.

A background check on you will uncover your DUI to the person. This is something that you can not erase from the government records. This can potentially lower your chances of securing a job, getting into a college of your choice, or getting a scholarship. 

  • Personal relationships.

A DUI can ruin your relationship with your parents, spouse, kids, etc. You may worry about how they feel about you, and it may cause you to feel shame and embarrassment. 

A DUI may not seem like a lot at first. Sure, it’s not murder or robbery. But, it is still a criminal offense and will stay with you all your life. Therefore it is vital to hire a good lawyer and try to win your case. Contact Barnes Law services to find the perfect DUI lawyer for your case.

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