3 Mistakes to Avoid After a Maritime Injury

Getting injuries in the line of duty and getting no compensation is very frustrating. This mostly happens due to simple mistakes that, when done, cannot be reversed, and hence you lose your compensation claim. If you live in Miami, the maintenance and cure costs are very helpful to ensure you recover without incurring extra costs from your pocket. Knowing what steps to take and the mistakes you should avoid is vital to ensure you are eligible for the compensation. Its also vital to ask for counsel from experts, such as Miami maritime attorney, to help guide you on the vital steps you should. This article will explore the mistakes to avoid after a maritime injury.

  1. Hiring the Wrong Attorney

Attorneys play a vital role in defending and representing people in court to ensure they get justice. When choosing or vetting a lawyer, you should be very cautious about the question you should ask them during the interview, confirming if their references match their stories and ensuring they are qualified and specialized for maritime cases. Most people mistake choosing a lawyer without vetting them to know if they are qualified.

You should note that there are lots of lawyers online who only have the general qualification. It would help if you avoided such lawyers in sensitive cases like this one since their representation will be poor, and they might not have any experience with maritime cases. You end up getting too little compensation or none. You should ensure that the lawyer you hire is specialized in maritime cases and they have a great experience. This way, they will guide you swiftly until you can be compensated.

  1. Mistake of Reporting Your Injuries Late

When an injury occurs, you need to report to your employer as soon as possible and have a written report of the occurrences. When seeking compensation and you report late, they might as well assume that the injuries did not occur on the line of duty. Most people take time before reporting by assuming the injury is minor or not creating time to report. This mistake will make you lose the entire case completely. To be safe, try reporting as soon as possible, even when it seems minor. The minor injuries sometimes may be a more significant complication, and since you failed to report on time, you will not receive compensation.

  1. Not Taking Your Time on Paperwork

When an accident occurs, most people are only focused on getting compensated and forget to take time with the paperwork required. Signing paperwork without proper consultation and involvement of your lawyer can be dangerous as you might be signing off your compensation rights. Your employer and the insurance company can play ticks when signing the accident form then you end up not getting any compensation or too little. In most of these companies, you are working or have a legal team together with the insurance adjuster who would be more than happy to reduce the compensation. To curb this, have your own team of attorneys who will help guide you through the process and help you avoid signing dangerous paperwork that may harm your compensation.

Bottom Line!

The mistake above are common among seamen, and they end up not getting compensated. To avoid these mistakes, take time when looking for a lawyer and consider one that specializes in maritime to represent you. Also, ensure you report the incident to the employer as soon as possible.

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