Legal actions you can take against Spam messages

Spam text messages, pre-recorded phone calls, and robocalls are all potentially unlawful. If you are the victim of illegal spamming, remember that you have rights. Robocall regulations need a thorough examination of the circumstances surrounding each spam communication, including the technology utilized to robodial the recipient’s phone. You have the right to sue if you have been getting spam text messages or if you have been charged for unwanted texts.

Is it unlawful to send spam text messages?

A corporation does not have the power to send you messages to your personal mobile phone without your consent: any unsolicited messages are unlawful. Did you know that certain service providers may even charge you for receiving a spam text message?.

How can I prevent unlawful text spamming?

If you are the victim of unlawful spamming, there are a few things you should do right away to protect yourself and your identity. In many situations, spammers may be attempting to scam you or steal your identity. Remember that these text messages are frequently sent by a machine rather than a human, and it is impossible to determine the genuine sender. Here’s what you should do to remove the irritating notifications, as well as to prevent fraud, data and privacy intrusions, and malware installation on your device:

  • To begin, do not react to any spam messages—doing so will just encourage further spamming, and your phone number may be sold or redistributed to other spammers.
  • Don’t click any links—doing so may result in malware installation and data loss or identity theft.
  • Don’t give out any personal information. It may sound simple, but never give out any personal information to a number you are unfamiliar with.
  • Spammers may request information such as your income, employment, passwords, Social Security number, or credit card number. Never give this information out or respond in any way if you have received a spam text message.
  • The settings on your device might also turn out to be very helpful in preventing these spam messages from being delivered to you.

Legal action you can take against spam text messages are:

Lodge an  F.I.R

  • Go to the local police station and file a complaint about those numbers right now. If the police do not entertain your complaint or refuse to file a complaint, do not worry as there are other steps that can be taken towards working on a solution for the spam messages.
  • Report to the Higher  Police authority for your area if the local police station doesn’t take it as a serious offense.
  • Go to the court: Go to the local court in your region if both above mentioned refuses to take action against spam text messages.

Tip: You might counsel a lawyer about such concerns before initiating legal action.


Unfortunately, spam has grown into a big, complex, and significant international, cross-sectoral problem that is not only increasing in volume but also changing in type, and it must be addressed immediately by the coordinated efforts of all relevant players in the information society. Legal procedures are not simple to undertake, therefore it is always suggested to consider them thoroughly before starting with legal proceedings if necessary.

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