How to Handle a Zimmer Knee Replacement Recall- Be on the Know

The demand for knee replacement surgeries has surged over the years. Many people want to remain active and improve their activity level despite their old age. Others undergo such procedures to deal with mobility problems, relentless pain, and joint deformity.

Advancements in technology have enhanced knee replacements, and some can last longer than others. However, despite getting the best knee replacement surgery, they can still fail. Thousands of patients experience severe side effects, and their knee replacement devices become faulty.

In this post, we explore the Zimmer knee replacement recall and guide you on the best actions to take. Read on to learn more.

What Does a Knee Replacement Recall Bring About?

If you’ve never had a knee replacement or a loved one, it’s good to have varied perceptions about what goes on during the procedure. There is surgery involved, and the surgeon will insert implants to restore your range of motion and stability. Unfortunately, these devices might become defective and fail to work as expected.

A knee replacement recall occurs when the device used is either removed or corrected from the market. The regulation addresses a problem with the knee replacement that happened where it was used or sold. When a recall occurs, the knee replacement or device is pulled off the market for the manufacturer or respective boards to address the issue with it.

Common causes of knee replacement recalls include the following:

  1. FaultyDesigns– The knee replacement implant or device was poorly made and failed with increased use. For instance, it bends in the wrong direction or not as expected.
  2. Doesn’t Fit Properly– Some knee replacement devices aren’t designed to the correct proportions to suit the users’ needs. The surgeon might have broken the devices when trying to make them fit.
  3. DeviceLoosening– Many knee replacement devices don’t do long-term testing, and many end up loosening and ineffective.
  4. Poor Packaging– The knee replacement devices may be safe to use but get damaged or exposed to harmful substances during shipping.
  5. Mixing up Parts– Many experts unknowingly mix up components of their knee replacement parts and end up making the device faulty. For instance, the pieces for the left or right knee might be installed in the wrong direction.

How to Know Your Knee Replacement Device Have Been Recalled

Numerous knee replacement systems from different manufacturers have been recalled. Zimmer Biomet is one of these companies, and you should check whether your knee device is on the recall list. Here is how to determine if your implant is a part of the Zimmer knee replacement recall:

Reach Out to Your Surgeon or Doctor

When you receive a recall, it’s essential to reach out to your surgeon or doctor. The doctor will enlighten you more about the signs of knee replacement implant failure, and they include:

  • Knee pain
  • Loss of mobility and stability
  • Swelling in the knee
  • Inflammation and reddened skin
  • Instability due to loosening of the implant

Review the FDA Recall Database

FDA has a database that it updates on a daily basis. They will provide relevant details about all the recalled devices and from which manufacturer.

Visit the Manufacturer’s Database

A visit to Zimmer Biomet’s database will provide you with vast knowledge about their implants and recall details.

Consult Your Personal Lawyer

Reach out to your personal lawyer and get more information about recalled knee replacement systems. Choose an experienced, licensed, and reliable lawyer who focuses on medical product liability. A reputable lawyer will help you file knee replacement implant lawsuits.

Your lawyer will offer free case reviews. You’ll learn what to do or what not to do if your knee replacement implants have been recalled. Besides helping you file a lawsuit, go for lawyers who will help you get compensation for your knee implant failure.

You’ll get reimbursement for lost wages, medical expenses, pain and suffering from faulty Zimmer knee replacement implants. If you are stuck and don’t know how to handle a knee replacement recall or file a lawsuit, worry not. Get in touch with the best lawyers today.

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