Facts About Independent Medical Examination After A Car Accident

After a car accident, there are a hundred things to take care of. Amid all the chaos, the biggest concern is getting your injuries treated as soon as possible. The more you delay your treatment, the more severe the complication. 

However, you may also have the required funds for it, and you won’t get access to the compensation unless the insurance company approves your claim. While the insurance company is expected to provide you with aid in a crisis, it is not easy to access financial help for them.

You will need an experienced Hillsville Auto Accident Lawyer who will deal with the insurance company. Having a lawyer by your side after a car accident is always beneficial as the insurance company is careful and does not try to manipulate you into their tricks. 

Nevertheless, you must undergo an independent medical checkup to complete the procedure and get the compensation you deserve. 

You must know everything about an independent medical examination after a car.

What is an independent medical examination?

An independent medical examination is when your insurer sends you to check your injuries once more to get a second opinion from an independent doctor. The independent doctor is assigned by the insurance company or their defense lawyer. 

The job of these doctors is to find absolutely no fault in you and declare you as a perfectly healthy individual, and they are paid heavily for doing it. So make sure you call your lawyer before agreeing to anything your insurance company suggests.

The bitter truth of IME

Several people are not even aware of the absolute truth of these medical checkups. Most of these medical checkups done by independent doctors are false or questionable. Moreover, these practices are highly unethical, dishonest, and just for money.

In other words, the insurance company pays the doctors handsomely to declare a person healthy so that the company can save money to compensate the victim. This leads to a loss, denial, or delay in the victim’s no-fault insurance claim, which results in the suffering of the injured person. 

If we keep the immoral practices aside, these examinations are also quite stressful for auto accident survivors as the doctors treat them rudely and rush the check-up. Moreover, several cameras are fitted in the room, and sometimes the doctors declare a victim with severe injuries to be perfectly fine, which confuses and messes more with the person’s mental health.  

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