How Much Are Slip and Fall Claims Worth in Orlando?

When a slip and fall occur on someone’s property, many property owners or business operators try to avoid having to pay out any money due to this type of claim. It is possible to prevent a claim for personal injury or a claim for damages to property, but the first thing that needs to be done is filing a claim. In order to receive compensation, an Orlando injury lawyer will need to know exactly how much a slip and fall claim is worth. If the property owner does not file a claim within a certain amount of time, the insurance company may elect to drop the claim all together.

How to figure out how much are slip and fall claims worth?

  • There are some factors that can be utilized when figuring out how much are slip and fall claims worth in Orlando.
  • Claims should always be filed as soon as possible in order to receive compensation.
  • This is true whether the claim is for medical or non-medical expenses, lost wages or other types of damages.
  • The sooner that a person can file a claim for slip and fall injuries, the better.
  • This is true regardless of whether the injuries were self-inflicted or caused by elements on the property.

Property owners and business operators must also keep a close eye on their insurance policies. Many insurance providers include specific coverage for property owners and operators when it comes to slip and fall accidents. For example, some insurance companies will pay out if the claim is made within a certain amount of time after the incident occurred. This is called a ‘marketing exclusion’ and is included in all standard liability insurance packages in Orlando.

If an insurance provider decides to drop the entire claim, it can negatively impact a property owners’ credit rating. However, insurance companies are required by law to provide a written notice detailing any changes that have been made to policy holders’ policies. In the case of a slip and fall claims in Orlando, property owners and operators are notified that they can now file a claim up to certain limits without being assessed additional fees. When comparing how much are slip and fall claims worth in different cities in Orlando, contact your local insurance provider to learn more about these modifications to their policies.

A property owner or operator who wants to know how much are slip and fall claims worth in Orlando should not forget to ask about lost wages. Many people are able to work with reduced compensation when they can show proof of financial loss due to the accident. In Orlando, this usually requires showing a loss statement from three to five years before the incident. Property owners and operators are strongly encouraged to discuss this topic with their insurance providers and make sure that they understand the value of lost wages.

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