Chicago Attorney Michael Shifrin Addresses Discrimination within Community Associations

Shifrin Legal founding lawyer, Michael Shifrin, helps community association boards and property managers navigate numerous legal pitfalls each and every day. One such pitfall is discrimination. Claims of discrimination within community associations can be costly, time-consuming, and wreak havoc on community association culture. While no single “solution” exists to combat and completely eradicate discrimination claims, Michael and his team at Shifrin Legal utilize a proactive and thoughtful approach to reduce the likelihood that such claims are made.

For example, when helping boards draft or revise association policy, Michael presents his clients with various perspectives from which potential policies may be viewed and interpreted. Evaluating new guidelines from multiple perspectives helps boards recognize the potential impact such policies may have. This, in turn, ignites meaningful board discussion that often leads to more refined and fine-tuned policies with lower discrimination implications. Michael Shifrin also believes in full transparency, open and honest communication between the board and association members whenever feasible. When helping boards prepare new policies for adoption, Michael helps clients craft correspondence that offers association members with context and that explains the board’s rationale for adopting such policy. Although subtle, this unique and thoughtful practice style can be the difference between whether a discrimination claim gets lodged.

Whenever unit owner accommodation requests are submitted, Michael and the Shifrin Legal team carefully walk the Board through various factors that must be considered when evaluating whether an accommodation request is reasonable and should be granted. Michael reminds clients that they must not allow personal feelings about the requesting member to cloud their judgment when reaching their decision, which is easier said than done. Nor should board members permit any unconscious bias to infiltrate their evaluation process. Michael Shifrin deploys certain specialized legal techniques to draw out and address any unconscious bias that may exist. Such tools and techniques are used to ensure the best interests of the association are prioritized.

Michael Shifrin takes tremendous pride in the legal counsel he provides his board member clients. He derives fulfillment from helping clients avoid legal pitfalls – such as discrimination claims – and from helping them establish stable and sustainable communities for years to come. He combines his strong knowledge of condominium and community association law with his deep understanding of human psychology to deliver superior legal representation to all firm clients.

Motivated, personable and results-oriented, Michael Shifrin customizes the counsel he provides to all of his clients. He recognizes that the needs of clients, the composition of boards, and the culture of community associations are forever evolving. According to Michael, Shifrin Legal is the best boutique condominium and community association law firm around. Its unique ability to combine the experience and resources of a large firm with the accessibility and personalization of a small firm set Shifrin Legal apart within the condo and community association arena. This practice is unique on many levels, offers tremendous value to its clients, and will continue innovating for years to come.

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