Have you been harassed, discriminated or retaliated against by your employer at work? Do you know someone who has? If yes, then it is time to reach out to an employment lawyer. When you plan to hire an employment lawyer, you might find yourself confused about when you should reach out to them, what they can do for you and how to go about the whole procedure. We are here to make things easier for you and answer all these questions.

When should you hire an employment lawyer?

An employment lawyer has been trained to work with both the employers and the employee, to guide you through stormy weather, and to help you findyour best legal options or to help you come to an amicable employment law dispute resolution in times of need. Here is when you should call an employment lawyer:

As an Employee:

You should reach out when you are faced with any of the following situations:

  • Been harassed, bullied, discriminated or reprisal against by your employer
  • Faced termination or dismissal from employment and the termination was wrongful
  • Forcefully being made to sign an agreement waiving employment law entitlements.
  • The employer has violated provincial or federal laws which protect employees.
  • Denied benefits, bonuses, and incentives you are entitled to under your contract.

As an Employer:

Following are the situations when you should reach out to an employment lawyer. In a lot of cases, employers wait too long before reaching out. Sometimes things start to pile up and create more problems than they should:

  • The employee has filed a discrimination or harassment case against you.
  • When you have been sent a demand letter by an employee or has served you with an employment legal action against you.
  • You are planning layoffs or terminations of a large number of employees, terminating an employee benefit or pension plan, or changing some material terms in the employment contract.

How can an employment lawyer help you?

When you hire an employment lawyer as a company, he or she collaborate with you to help develop company policies that will protect your employees and you. It includes everything ranging from working together to create a comprehensive employee handbook which includes corporate policies to helping you find the right way to let an employee go. An employment lawyer isnot only there for you, but also for your employees,and to guide you through the ups and downsof your business. As an employee, if you feel that you have been wrongly let go or have been facing discrimination at work, an employment lawyer will help you build a strong case against the employer andwill fight for your rights.

Reach out to an employment lawyer

Often employers wait till it is too late to reach out to an employment lawyer. When you have a problem, you need a remedy.It is always best to have an employment lawyer like HTW Law in your team. An experienced employment lawyer who hasan eye for detail is exactly what the doctor ordered. If you are an employee who has faced discrimination, it is best to reach out to them as soon as you can.

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