What to Do if You are Pulled Over by the Police

Do you often panic if pulled over by the police when driving your vehicle? If you don’t know what to do if this happens, you can learn a few things from this article.

Note that a police officer might pull you over from time to time particularly to warn you about some minor issues involving your vehicle. On the other hand, if you have a violation, it is important that you know how to behave in front of the police as it may influence his or her judgment to give you a ticket or not.

And remember, that if you were involved in a hit and run, the police are trying to do their jobs. You can speak with a car accident lawyer afterwards, but for now, pullover and follow their instructions.

1: Understand Your Rights

You should understand your rights, and also your responsibilities. You have the right to question some aspects of the stop but remember that some behavior will likely just cause more issues. If asked for I.D. you should calmly hand it over.

You do not have to give consent to searches, unless the police have probably cause. Never consent. In Tennessee, you can be pulled over for talking on a cell phone, so keep in mind that if you are breaking the law, you will get pulled over.

2: Choose Where to Stop

When pulled over, you should carefully choose where to make a stop. That is because it matters a lot to the police. Always mind the road particularly if it has a little room or narrow shoulder for your car.

Likewise, see to it that there is enough room for the officer to stand in between traffic and your car. Make sure that you turn the signals or hazards so that the officer will know that you are ready to comply.

3: Make Yourself Visible

It can be dangerous sometimes to pull over the wrong person. So, you must be able to respond to the officer signaling for you to pull over. You need to switch off the music and the vehicle. Also, make yourself visible by turning on the light inside the car.

Just act naturally to make the officer more comfortable that you are not hiding something or pulling out a weapon.

4: Roll Down Your Window 

As the officer gets near your car, roll down the window to be able to communicate with him or her. In the event, if your window is broken, you can open the door when told to do so to talk to the officer comfortably.

5: Don’t Try To Reach For Anything Inside The Car

Always put your hands on the steering wheel when pulled over by the police. Make sure it can be seen by the officer. But try not to reach out for anything in your glove box, purse, or wallet unless the officer told you so.

If the police will ask for your license or proof of insurance, you have to inform the officer that you are about to reach for the items he or she has asked for. After that, place your hands back on the steering wheel.

6: Be Polite

Being polite is much more effective than crying or flirting with the officer when pulled over. With that said, follow any instructions and be respectful and mind your manners. You also need to answer in a simple yes or no and avoid making excuses or provide statements why you did anything wrong.

The officer will not force you to do things that are not part of the protocol. Such might include unwarranted searches or unnecessary requests to let you come out of your vehicle unless if otherwise allowed by law. The secret to making this as smooth as possible is to avoid any argument with the police.

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