What Does A Business Lawyer Do And Why Does Your Business Need One?

Most companies deal with bureaucratic issues every day. However, not every entrepreneur knows the importance of having a law firm present in the company. In addition to protecting the company from lawsuits, the corporate lawyer can have an extremely strategic role in the decision-making of the contractors, as he is responsible for organizational legislation.

A company, no matter the size or segment, makes daily investments. They can come in the form of acquiring a smaller company or buying a new machine, hiring an employee, or an Internet marketing campaign.

This is nothing more than the set of laws, guidelines, and rules that an organization needs to have, such as a code of ethics and conduct, policies in all areas, number of employees by size, and numbers of PCDs. Knowing the importance of having this professional, we separate some of their responsibilities in a company. Check out:

Advisory Professional

The objective is always to clarify and guide the client. Due to their knowledge of different areas, the business lawyer is qualified to offer support in labor and tax issues involving consumer law and contracts with suppliers, among others.

Defense In Administrative Proceedings

In administrative proceedings, the representation of a business lawyer is not mandatory, but having specialized support can make all the difference. A business lawyer knows the legislation and knows how to evaluate the performance of Public Power Bodies, identifying illegitimacy or excess of power in assessments, always focusing on the best result for the business and thus bringing reason and clarity in all processes and benefits for the entrepreneur.

Representation In Legal Proceedings

The business lawyer such as Sequoia Legal business lawyers for example can act in different processes: labor, tax, civil, and consumer, among others, preventing damages and helping your company. And remember: good legal support and good representation can prevent the company from suffering damages that affect not only financially but also its image and reputation.

Compliance And Audit

The lawyer analyzes the company and all legislation that applies to the business, bringing a more strategic vision and a direction on good practices to avoid legal problems and prevent future financial losses.

The knowledge and support of a business lawyer, such as the Laura Teixeira Law Firm in Campinas, which can work in several areas, contribute significantly to your business, solve difficulties and contribute to the company’s success, acting almost as advisors and guiding them towards the best decisions.

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