Signs that you need to divorce for a happier life

A wedding is a dream come true for many. Finding the right guy, falling in love, getting married, having kids, setting up a sweet simple home is what almost everyone hopes for. Unfortunately in reality such tales exist only in stories and fables. Divorce is an unfortunate reality that happens all too common. Society even today considers it as a taboo. Yet, it is sometimes required to cut losses and exit rather than sink into a lonely depressing life where everyone involved feels worse.

Here are some hints you will find if your marriage is heading towards a divorce.

  1. Lack of trust between partners

Marriage is a solemn promise between two individuals that they will keep each other’s confidence, honor, and well-being. A marriage is built on the bedrock of trust. In the absence of trust, a marriage will crumble and disintegrate into fragments. If you feel you have lost the trust of your partner or that you have lost trust in your partner then you are headed for a collision course in your married life.

  1. Lack of communication among family members

It is common to find among couples the lack of awareness of this key point – communication. No one says that every individual must be in constant communication with his partner throughout his marriage. Everyone is entitled to their private thoughts and emotions. But if you feel that you are unable to communicate properly or your partner is not able to comprehend what you are truly trying to convey, then it’s time to check your marriage’s chemistry.

  1. Avoiding one another.

As the saying goes a couple in love will always yearn to spend time together. A married couple on the other hand will yearn to stay apart. This is not usually a sign of doom. It is not bad to want time for yourself, to recharge or stay in touch with your inner thoughts. But if an individual is actively avoiding or trying to stay away from his partner as much as possible hiding behind reasons and excuses. Then that is a sign to worry about.

  1. Change in priorities

In a marriage, some decisions should be made separately and some in unison. Just like how a country operates, there are some decisions individual branches of govt make, and then there are some decisions that should be made and implemented by multiple departments together. Likewise, in a marriage, if your partner starts making decisions all by himself without thinking about you or even asking you then it’s time to examine your relationship.


A marriage is a mix of love, determination, and perspiration. Without any of these, the relationship is bound to fail. But, there is no use to try to repair something which is not valuable to you or the other person involved. Some things aren’t meant to be together. There are times when you must attempt to resolve, and some things that are meant to be changed or replaced. If you feel you haven’t met the right person in your life, take control of your life and face the winds of change. Sign those diy divorce papers and go out there in the world and find your true love.

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