Personal Injury Claims: 3 Common Mistakes that Most Victims Make

A personal injury can pose severe damage to your life and lead to disability and sometimes death. After suffering personal injuries in an accident, you can file a compensation claim to seek compensation for your damages. However, some mistakes ruin the claim process and deter you from getting the settlement you deserve.

Here are the common blunders that most victims make.

  1. Not hiring a personal injury lawyer.

Without a lawyer, you take care of all the aspects of your claim by yourself. This can be difficult due to the injury since you need time to recuperate. You then require help from an attorney when filing a claim and in the entire process.

However, not all attorneys are experienced in personal injury law.

Personal injury lawyers from The Echavarria lawfirm will tell you that you’ll benefit immensely by engaging a skilled attorney who specializes in your type of case.

Why do I need an attorney for my personal injury case?

  • Saves you time- You don’t have the energy and time to follow up on medical records, review police statements, and communicate with the insurance company.
  • Knowledge of personal injury claim process- an attorney has spent and is experienced the ins and outs of personal injury law. Attorneys are conversant with insurance company tactics that you probably don’t know about.
  • Higher settlement-even after paying your attorney, you will likely get higher compensation than you would without an attorney.
  • For Objectivity. It’s challenging to make a good decision when hurt or frustrated by your injury. Your attorney will guide you and assist in most of the legal tasks.
  • Professional negotiation. You’ll agree that it’s hard to level the insurance company negotiators independently. Unlike you, an attorney will match your insurance company’s level of negation expertise.
  1. Failing to seek treatment right away

Don’t delay in seeking medical treatment. The insurance company will have grounds to claim that the injury was not a result of your accident. Moreover, the insurance firm can argue that your injury wasn’t severe, thus reducing your settlement amount.

Seek medical treatment soon after the injury will furnish you with all the medical records needed for your case.

  1. Over-sharing with your insurance company

After the injury, your first inclination is to call the insurance company. The team will ask you to make a statement of what happened. Remember that what you say hurriedly can be used against you. Sharing about your injury on social media might be used by the insurance company to deny you compensation. So, don’t share about your injury unless in the presence of your attorney.

  1. Quickly taking the first settlement offer.

The insurance company may attempt to offer you a low settlement to wrap your claim quickly by promising to have cash. The first offers are mostly unfair and inadequate to cover your medical expenses. Therefore, exercise patience and let your attorney carry out negotiations to get you a fair amount of damages.

Pursuing any legal claim can be hard, especially if it involves personal injury. Fortunately, you increase your chances of getting your desired amount of compensation by engaging a skilled personal injury lawyer.

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