Michael Shifrin Discusses The Unsung Heroes of Condo and Community Associations

Michael Shifrin is an award-winning attorney whose practice exclusively focuses on Illinois condo and community association law. As a lawyer that represents condo and community associations, Shifrin devotes a significant part of his practice helping clients resolve disputes before they escalate. He does this by providing ongoing and consistent support to the unsung heroes of condo and community associations.

Who are the unsung heroes of condo and community associations?

Board members and property managers who work tirelessly every day on behalf of the communities for which they serve. These individuals form the backbone of every community association. Michael Shifrin synchronizes his counsel and advice to help these heroes lead their communities with transparency, clear communication, thoughtfulness, and the creation of shared goals, expectations, and economic stability. Implementing this leadership style enables board members and property managers to earn the trust of their membership and build first-class communities.

A cornerstone of Shifrin’s legal practice is that it’s always easier to prevent problems than correct them. When managers and board members harness and implement this philosophy, they construct community cultures free from constant court intervention. Shifrin’s firm is more than capable of providing effective legal representation in the courts; however, experience has proven that the presence of steady and ongoing legal counsel at board meetings, on conference calls, and in board workshops keeps associations on course. This, in turn, supports the pursuit of cultivating an association culture filled with honesty, harmony, and humanity.

How does Shifrin’s unique legal style work?

Successful condo and community associations invest the time and resources to create a strong leadership team consisting of the board, management, and legal counsel. Problems happen fast and come from all directions. With a strong leadership team in place, any condo or community association stands ready to face whatever challenge arises. Michael Shifrin believes it is the responsibility of association counsel to foresee legal pitfalls and to counsel the unsung heroes of associations in ways that reduce the potential for peril. Although it’s unrealistic to eliminate all legal hazards, sensible and pragmatic advice greatly reduces potential dangers. With a host of potential legal issues on the horizon, the benefit of having an experienced and thoughtful attorney part of the leadership team cannot be overstated.

Michael and his team at Shifrin Legal merge the resources, experience, and capability of a large law firm with the customized and personal touch of a boutique practice. Shifrin recognizes that the text of contracts and laws cannot, by themselves, resolve disputes within community associations. Rather, that understanding human psychology – the emotions that form the root of all behavior, the needs that drive us, and the desire to be treated fairly – is every bit as important for resolving community association disputes as understanding applicable law. Shifrin has built his practice on the principle that merging a mastery of human psychology with a mastery of the law can effectively defuse, deescalate, and resolve conflicts. A concept Michael refers to as practicing “The human side of law.”

Who is Michael Shifrin?

Michael Shifrin’s experience in condo and community association law runs deep. With over 15 years of experience, including a period of service as co-chair of the Illinois Chapter of the CAI Membership Committee, Michael has helped association clients navigate almost every possible legal challenge. Some of Shifrin’s accolades include being named a “Rising Star” three times by Illinois Super Lawyers Magazine, an honor reserved for just 2.5% of Illinois practicing attorneys under the age of 40. Shifrin is in high demand as a writer for trade publications and as a speaker at expositions and trade shows, a testament to the pragmatic, personable, and unique persona he brings to this specialized area of the law. Mr. Shifrin’s offices are located in Chicago and Northbrook to accommodate the firm’s growing client base. Shifrin Legal may be reached at (312) 470-2276 or by email at [email protected] for further information.

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