Jack Buchanan Las Vegas Explains Why You Need a Good Defense Attorney

Las Vegas Attorney Jack Buchanan Explains Why You Need a Good Defense Attorney

If you’ve found yourself on the wrong side of the law, you need a good defense lawyer to advocate for you. Jack Buchanan, a defense attorney based in Las Vegas, discusses why a hiring lawyer is so important.

Everyone makes mistakes and some people find themselves in court due to bad choices. Other people end up in court even if they haven’t committed any wrongdoing, forced to defend themselves from false accusations. If you’re facing a criminal investigation, you need a defense attorney who knows the law and who will advocate for your best interests. Jack Buchanan, a Las Vegas defense attorney, explains why.

“For better or worse, laws are very complicated,” Jack Buchanan (Las Vegas) argues, “and the process can be difficult to follow as well. A great defense attorney provides clarity and expertise and will help clients understand the entire legal process.”

If you haven’t broken any laws, a great defense attorney offers perhaps the best chance for you to clear your name. Your lawyer can help you gather evidence, build a case, and make arguments in court. It’s difficult for most people to successfully defend themselves in court without a lawyer.

Prosecutors know the law inside and out. This allows them to craft arguments that can find people guilty. Defense attorneys, however, also know the law inside and out. Arguments in court must be carefully structured and supported by solid, admissible evidence.

“Making legal arguments isn’t like an argument you might have with loved ones or in class at university,” Jack Buchanan notes. “There are specific rules for what’s admissible in court and arguments must be carefully structured to prove a point. I spend a lot of time with my clients in Las Vegas crafting arguments that can convince juries and stand up to prosecution.”

Defendants without a defense attorney on their side face a steep uphill battle. Lawyers spend years studying the law. Further, prosecutors will have not just a law degree on their side, but often years of experience handling similar cases.

“When it comes to the law, the devil is often in the details,” Jack Buchanan (Las Vegas) states. “Nevada’s laws are very complex, filling up volumes of pages. Besides the laws themselves, there’s an immense body of precedence. And if you want to mount a successful defense, it’s vital you understand all the factors at play.”

Jack Buchanan Talks About the Legal Process in Las Vegas

Another important concept is the legal process. Defendants need to meet a variety of deadlines, filing requirements, and the like. If you miss a court date or another important date, you may lose your bail money, could be jailed, and could face contempt of court charges.

“I work closely with all my clients in Las Vegas to ensure they understand the whole process and what their obligations are,” Jack Buchanan says. “Missing court dates and other things can lead to a lot of problems.”

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