How to File a Dog Bite Claim in Austin 

If you encounter a dog bite in Austin first, you should seek medical assistance. Also, you should report the matter to the police. The dog that bit you should go to quarantine to ensure it doesn’t have rabies. Your health after a dog is a priority to help avoid infections. Once you’ve gotten prompt medical help, hire a lawyer in Austin to determine if you’re eligible to file a lawsuit.

Here’s how to file a claim

  1. Hire a dog bite attorney 

The Shrum law office engages skilled lawyers with vast experience handling dog bite cases. The other party may make false claims regarding your behavior on the day of the dog bite.

For example, they might accuse you of trespassing on their land or provoking their dog. These can rule you out of receiving compensation if you lack the right legal representation.

  1. Seek medical care

Diagnostic and medical reports are critical when filing your claim. Medical certifications will help your dog bite lawyer to file the claim smoothly since they prove that your claim is valid. As a result, visiting your doctor is critical for your health and filing a compensation claim.

  1. Prepare documents

Proper documentation helps the dog bite attorney file a lawsuit against the dog owner. Therefore, obtain records concerning the dog and its owner. The vaccination information and its history are essential. Moreover, have all the medical bill records with you. If anyone witnessed the incident, have their contact information with you.

  1. File the claim as soon as possible 

File the claim immediately; otherwise, delays can make you lose your compensation rights. As time goes by, witnesses may leave the region, or their memories of the occurrence may fade. It’s also preferable to act to receive compensation for your damages as soon as possible.

An attorney can assist you in filing your claim on time. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to register a claim after the deadline has passed.

How can I get the best dog bite attorney?

Hiring a dog bite lawyer is a simple task. However, getting a competent one who is focused can be quite challenging. Why! The law industry has brought many lawyers, some experienced and others not fully skilled. Here is how you can get a qualified lawyer.

  • Seek referrals-Ask friends and family who might have had similar cases before; they can direct you to a competent one.
  • Research online-Do enough research online to compare different firms. By so doing, you will get reviews and comments from previous clients. Hence you will hire a lawyer from the most rated firm.
  • Go for experience- Don’t just hire an attorney because they are cheaper. Call to know how long they have been in the industry. Ask questions, how many cases have they won? How many similar issues have they solved?
  • Hire an Insured and a licensed lawyer -To ensure you get an insured lawyer, you can call their offices and confirm with managers.

Final thoughts 

A dog bite injury requires much attention. If you face such an incident in Austin, you should first seek medical care. Also, file a lawsuit to hold the dog owner accountable and seek compensation.

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