Can I File Worker’s Compensation Claims Without a Lawyer?

The short answer to the question can I file workers compensation claims without a lawyer is, “probably not.” No matter how much your Workers’ Comp claim is worth, you need an attorney. Even if you win your case, you may still have to pay for legal assistance. Some cases, such as those brought by ergonomics, do not involve any money or effort on the part of the claimant, but instead require small amounts of time and money to research. Even then, there may be additional benefits that you are not able to receive unless you have an attorney.

If your job is potentially eligible for workers compensation, it is absolutely essential that you talk to a qualified St. Petersburg personal injury lawyer. First, they will have the experience necessary to assess your case and determine whether it is worth pursuing. They will also have the experience necessary to build your case in court and make sure it is given sufficient weight by the judge. A lawyer can also help you keep out of any excessive pain and suffering cases.

Once you have talked to an injury attorney, you should follow his or her advice. This means that you should not sign any paychecks until you have spoken with your lawyer. Make copies of all of your bills and medical receipts. You may even want to keep track of all correspondence between your insurance company and your injury attorney. Write down every conversation that takes place.

What if you accidentally injured yourself while at work? Can I file workers compensation claims without a lawyer? First, if you think that your work injury was the result of negligence on the part of another person or company, you should definitely talk to a workers’ compensation attorney. If you don’t have one, find one as soon as possible. Because some types of injury claims are easier to prove than others, your attorney will be able to get you the most money possible.

If you do have an injury from an accident at work, you must first wait for the insurance company to respond. You can then file a claim against your company, but only after your insurance company has received your claim and determined whether or not they will cover you. Your insurance company should also give you a timeframe within which you must report your claim. In order for your claim to be valid, it must be reported within the correct time period. After the deadline passes, you won’t be able to file another claim.

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