7 Things To Keep In Mind If You Want To Make A Worker’s Compensation Claim

Workplace injuries are common and if you are an employee it is essential to know how you can legally sustain them. If your medical practitioner advises you to take some time off work, you will be entitled to payments that will assist you in your medical expenses.

There are various legal protections for workers like compensation claims, which help secure medical treatment for workplace injuries and get the financial assistance that you deserve. But there are also some things to keep in mind before you make a workers compensation claim

  • You should provide all the details, as much as possible, about your workplace injury. Your GP will take the history and also note down the things that have happened to you. They will also give accurate information to the doctors and give all the details, even if it seems irrelevant at times. To get the treatment and recover from injury, if you need some time off work, then ask your doctor for a medical certificate.
  • Never make a statement to the investigator, as there is no legal obligation for you to do so. This can create trouble in the process of getting your claims accepted. If you are in doubt, always seek advice from the experts.
  • There might be instances where your compensation claims might be rejected. If that happens, you should go to the free-of-charge conciliation service. If it fails to solve the dispute, then you will always have the option to go to court. Seeking legal advice to understand the merit of your claims is very important.
  • Do not feel guilty or anxious about making a compensation claim. Some people think that making the claim would be bad for their reputation, and the employers might reduce their work hours or it might even cost them their job. If you are facing such discrimination, you can always seek help from the law. Taking the required time to heal and receive medical compensation will be good for you in the long run.
  • As you spend a considerable time of your day at your workplace, getting injured there is also quite common. This is why employers have insurance. By opting for the claim, you are not accusing the employers, rather you are stating that you need time and cover for your medical expenses. It will not come from your employer’s pocket.
  • Whether you need time or cover for your workplace injuries, it is essential to make the claim as soon as possible. Your doctor will inform the insurance company of their medical opinion, and provide the required reports needed for insurance purposes.
  • If you receive a workplace injury, it is essential to seek legal advice at the earliest. You should seek advice even when your worker’s claim has been accepted by the employer. It is because you might be entitled to some other types of compensation like a lump sum amount, compensation for your pain, etc.

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